Android Gets An "Apple Watch" Oppo Watch Review

  Let's be real okay you can't talk about this product without acknowledging that it was made to look almost exactly like this product down to the watch faces band design even the retail packaging the Oppo watch is just the kind of copycat that the trademark standard likelihood of confusion was meant to curtail what's more copying the look of the apple watch doesn't even make much sense i mean think about it the apple watch isn't the best smart watch on the market because of its looks what makes it great is a combination of features ecosystem and operational consistency that google's competition has never managed to match.

                                              So the notion of taking google's software and putting it inside an apple watch lookalike to me it sounds like the worst of all worlds and when i agreed to review it i expected to hate it so imagine my surprise when after a week of using the thing it actually won me over  well it started with how smoothly wear OS runs on this watch both in a tactile and virtual sense the curved glass edges and soft coating on this stunning amoled screen combine with the gigabyte of ram to make swipes surprisingly slick that's doubly surprising when you realize the spec sheet is anchored by a processor released over two years ago one originally intended for kids smart watch here thought i was done thought i was having a fine night out drinking with david cogan david say hello bye uh but i'm not done working apparently there's a variant of this device with the snapdragon 3100 not the 2500 which i just found out again while drinking a lovely froze a frozen rose i suggest if you're of legal agent you can be careful with it you drink it it's a good time but anyway i will pin a comment with the answer when i find it out from the people who have yet to wake up thanks it's just another reminder that when it comes to wear os it's the ram more than the CPU that governs how responsive your smartwatch will be if this were reddit and i were 17 years old i might propose this axiom on where OS watches gig or gtfo and that hardware competency continues throughout the watch packed into the very slim four and a half millimeter five atmosphere case are eight gigs of storage for music and apps nfc and google pay for mobile payments and esim for cellular connectivity a heart rate sensor and a monster 430 milliamp hour battery 21 larger than the battery in my usual go to the MOTO 360 though you wouldn't necessarily know it stay tuned on that one first we've got to talk software which in and of itself is kind of a surprise because all wear os watches are the same aren't they well not anymore some background oppo launched this watch in its home market of china running a custom version of android 8.1 with a top-level interface built on oppo's color os you saw that software if you watched my hands-on of the oppo find x2 for the european market it smartly replaced the android foundation with google's wear os but over the top it built a similar color os style skin you know what's crazy it's actually good i like the custom app tray i like the pre-loaded health apps and custom widgets and while the ai watch face generator doesn't quite know what to do with my particular brand of wardrobe it's still a really cool idea most importantly the UI doesn't interfere with the things wear os gets right notifications the google feed the system toggles they're all where you expect them to be and they all work well the last pro i want to cover is yet another surprise to hear myself saying you see i've always been an advocate for the circular smartwatch i guess i'm a timepiece traditionalist but using wear os on a square screen has shown me some of the benefits of living in a box text gets more space to spread out typing is marginally easier and most importantly of all that casio calculator watch face just wouldn't look right in a circle facer hooked me up with a free premium account a while back and i've had fun figuring out which watch faces look right on a rhombus my usual star trek standby l cars the animated pip boy and uh ms-dos has never looked better.

         I still prefer my circles but now i better understand all you squares out there hey it's a joke let's relax that's the chill-out app from google fed one of many pre-loaded health apps including sleep tracking and that unfortunately is where we start getting to the downsides but since i brought up health let's hear from a sponsor whose name i bet you already know so withings sponsored this video but to steal a line from another spokesman i was using this long before anybody paid me to use one see about a year ago i needed a replacement for an old and busted digital scale i'd heard good things about the withings body plus wi-fi scale and turns out they were true now the body plus doesn't just measure your weight it shows you bmi body fat water weight muscle and bone mass and then it uses wi-fi to sync that data to the health mate app you can actually see me gain weight over the holidays and ces and then lose it thanks to the ces plague and then gain it back during quarantine and knowing what percentage of that is water weight was helpful in tailoring my diet to the less active lifestyle of lockdown instead of just frustrating me like a standard scale this one lets me see my progress over time sense into my segway from before it's not the sleep tracking that's a downside of the oppo watch it's the battery life that never quite lives up to it yeah as big as the battery is wear os has always had a thirst for current pair that with the older snapdragon and co-processor or not you get a watch that's going to need to be charged every night Oppo did its best to ease the sting bringing over its vuc charging technology to get you from zero to about half a charge in just 15 minutes and a full charge in 75. another shortcoming Oppo inherited from the apple watch these bands are swappable yes but you can only use those made for this specific watch which shuts out basically the entire aftermarket band catalog and while we're back on the apple watch oppo decided not to copy the one thing that makes every smartwatch better there's no rotating crown and just two side buttons with only one of them programmable with a shortcut also don't expect the magic haptic taps you get from the apple product this vibration motor is nothing special and the same goes for the speakerphone loud enough for indoors but not really anywhere else now for me those downsides are enough to torpedo the oppo watch mainly because of my aforementioned antipathy toward remorseless rip-offs but at the end of the day the thing i love most about wear OS is choice for too long that ecosystem has been without a proper non-circular selection and while exact release details weren't final by press time if it's european prices anywhere close to its china pricing man this thing might just sell itself if what you want is a square smart watch that runs wear os legitimately better than any other wearable you should seriously consider strapping the Oppo watch to your wrist if instead a round smartwatch is more your speed or you want a real apple product .


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