How To Install TWRP Recovery Without PC - How To Install Custom Recovery

How To Boot Into TWRP Recovery- TWRP Recovery Zip

Everyone peoples want to use a custom rom. Then they will be download Custom ROM and try to flash the custom rom, flash is not possibly for normal recovery. And then the peoples root the devices first then install the recovery. But some peoples did not find own device recovery it is impossible for him. They will be find the recovery on google, they will find some sites that wil be giving own device recovery when they are visit the site then they will be see the site is fake twrp tour and there is no recovery for her device.... Guys don't be sad......!!!!!!!

I am tell you how to install twrp recovery without pc. But there are some issue that you will be face like if your device is old (2016-2018) year lolipop and marshmallow version then it is difficulty for you. And if your device is old (2015-2019) KitKat version then you will easily make a custom recovery for your device because there are one computer application they will create your own device custom recovery. And if you have a (2019-2020) year device then I'm sure your recovery is available on internet .coolpad 3622a custom recovery

So guys you thinking what is the methods that I'm telling you today --

So.The methods is for (2015-2019) year lollipop and marshmallow devices.
But this methods is work all devices because this is porting recovery methods

Methods -

1- Open File Manager
2-You need to backup your original recovery.img and download port recovery
3- Cut/Copy both recovery folder to /cache / recovery /
4- Open Apktool applications
5- Go to sdcard / apk tool folder
6- Now press and hold apktool folder then select " set as apktool data folder "
7- Press and hold original folder then select " get access permission ( need root) "
8- Select recovery.img then click " expack-mt65** (need root)
9- Press and hold twrp folder then select "get access permission (need root) "
10- Select Recovery.img then click "expack-mt65**"

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