How To Fix Google Playstore Internet Issue

How To Fix Google Playstore Internet Issue Automatically
How to fix google playstore internet issue detected

Now, Everyone use Internet and internet is very usefull now-a-days. And there are many application on Internet that will be easy your daily work like online shopping, buy vegetables and medicine etc.  There are alot of application like that. And you can easily downloaded on playstore. But playstore have one internet issue(problem). Problem is that - Your internet is good but you didn't use the playstore app, that will show that "Retry". Again you can click on retry button but playstore is not working. That is big issue when you have a good internet connection. But you didn't do anything...
        But Guys don't worry today i will tell you How to fix it 
Google Playstore Internet Issue On Android
How To Fix Google Playstore Internet Issue Error


*  Download&Open Es File Explorer
*  Go to/system/etc/
*  now search "hosts" file
*  edit host file = Clear second line,
     and save the file. 
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