How do I turn on my show touches on my Android - Show Touches Android Application

How do I turn on my cursor on my Android

Show Touches Android Application

Show touches if you making a tutorial videos and recording a videos so show touches is also be very necessary (important) on a video because a viewer how are your video he want to see, 
where you click on the videos which option you clicking and which setting you doing on a tutorial videos. That is so important point for YouTubers how make a tutorial video so always remember that one point. You are using computer and smartphone both have show  touches option. And on a computer show touches is also a important point for a youtuber or a content creater.

 On a show touches option is very easy and simple no root require and no application required. You see many post and YouTube videos of how to enable show touches android many people say install that then your show touches is enable. But that is a old times and old android which require a application, if you install that application then your touches is enable. Now everyone use smartphone (Android Version) if you have a KitKat Android version so don't worry that work will be work on KitKat and KitKat upper Android devices.

 How do I turn on touches on Android?

1-Open Setting App

2-And Go To About Phone

Show Touches Android Application

3-Click on Build Phone ( 4-5Times)

Show Touches Android Application

4-Now Your Developer Option Is Enable

Show Touches Android Application

5-Go To Developer Option & Click ON Show Touches 

Show Touches Android Application

Conclusion - I hope now your content work is very good everyone watch your video in details where you click and which setting you will be doing on a videos.